Friday, November 28, 2008

24 Twitter

I learned about Twitter during a week-long training. About ten people in the room were on it. I read it all later and could remember every part they were talking about. I also understood how some people had plans all of a sudden.
This would be good for the library staff. Even though we're not in a large building, it would help to keep track of what people are working on. They could also document when something is going on in another room, note when certain patrons are unruly or when certain teens are asked to leave.
A seperate Twitter could be set up with the patrons. We would let them know when their materials are in, or when we have something new they might like. We could tell them about the various programs and of any last minute changes with the programs. An update on the status of the computers would help. Of course if they are coming to the library to use the computer, they probably don't have one at home. Patrons could tell about books they enjoy. Teens could post about their graphic novels, mothers about books they read to their children and kids about their latest series title. Patrons could give us ideas for programming. The possibilities abound.

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