Saturday, November 29, 2008

25 Food Blogs
Lemony Bread-Pudding French Toast

This is lemony bread-pudding french toast.
I found this blog from someone who's family came from Calabria in Italy. My great-grandmother was from there.

Then I started searching through other recipes to see if I could find one my grandmother made and one my mother made. I didn't find them.

My grandmother used to cook these little pizzas I've never seen anywhere else. The piece was square with a top like a mini calzone. She made spinach and raisin pizza for the adults and squares of cheese pizza's for us kids because we didn't like spinach. Ours didn't have the top piece. I remember the smell of the olive oil she used. I don't think anyone got the recipe or if it was even written down.

My favorite dish has always been my mother's turkey stuffing. She taught my brother and I how to make it and told us not to give the recipe to anyone. My brother gave it to my cousin and my mother never let him forget his disloyalty. (Is that a word?) My cousin made it but it wasn't like my mother's. When I make it it's close to my mother's but I'm wondering if she left some tiny ingredient out. She did tell me about the hard boiled eggs and black olives though, and a couple of other things.

Friday, November 28, 2008

24 Twitter

I learned about Twitter during a week-long training. About ten people in the room were on it. I read it all later and could remember every part they were talking about. I also understood how some people had plans all of a sudden.
This would be good for the library staff. Even though we're not in a large building, it would help to keep track of what people are working on. They could also document when something is going on in another room, note when certain patrons are unruly or when certain teens are asked to leave.
A seperate Twitter could be set up with the patrons. We would let them know when their materials are in, or when we have something new they might like. We could tell them about the various programs and of any last minute changes with the programs. An update on the status of the computers would help. Of course if they are coming to the library to use the computer, they probably don't have one at home. Patrons could tell about books they enjoy. Teens could post about their graphic novels, mothers about books they read to their children and kids about their latest series title. Patrons could give us ideas for programming. The possibilities abound.

23 This assignment is made for leisure study

Mutandina by Mutandina

I have been browsing Magnatune and found this cd from Argentina. I don't know what they're saying but I like it. I love the way they use the child's voice in #2. This post will be continued.
On Pandora I like the way the music or artist I pick is described and then similar music is selected. What I don't like is that they don't play the specific song I choose but often it's another selection by the same artist. I could spend hours - I think I have - on these two sites.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thing 22- Way Back

The first webpage of the BPl was boring and scattered with no focus.

It's difficult to read because none of it stands out.

Searching the different sites listed in this lesson, I found a piece on Einstein.

I figured out how to embed but it won't play. I need to upgrade.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

E Books

I still prefer to hold a book in my hand. I looked at several of the sites listed and it's more enjoyable for me to walk to a shelf. I have this vision of everyone in their rooms at home glued to a screen. I think e books might work with students and their Summer Reading lists. There would be no running out of a title, or having to send for it from another library, or getting the last copy of a title and it's falling apart. The libraries would not have to keep reordering them each year once they are missing. We could save on shelf space when there are titles that don't go out. If you have a student that doesn't read anyway, would they be more likely to read it electronically?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

20 IM

Sunday morning chats are a favorite pasttime for me. This morning I was IM ing (is that a word?) with Coach about Thing 19. I was having problems posting to my blog from Clipmarks. She looked into my blog somehow and saw a pic I had clipped but that never actually posted. I will try Delicious and give it another shot. Later. The sun is actually shining. Oh...It was. I changed the look of my blog.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thing 19 clip clip

I've tried this three times. I watched the little video about clipping. very Simple. I signed up to clipmarks. I clipped three different times and each time I said I wanted it sent to my blog. I clicked blogger and put in the url to my blog. I got the message three times that it was sent. I saw the preview each time but it's not on my blog. I give up for now. I am going to read my book. Cane River has me hooked.

Books are easy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


When I began thing 17 and was looking into Underground Railroad sites, I came across Lalita Tademy and her book Cane River. I ordered this book for the library but never got to read it. Since I just started it and can tell I am in for a treat, my wiki post is an overview of Tademy and her search for family.

17.2 The Red Lending Menace

I browsed many of our shared sites and picked Stephen Colbert on Libraries as my favorite. I tried to embed it but still don't get it. I copied the embed code and saved it to my desktop. Then I clicked on 'add video' in my new post. I browsed and clicked on the desktop. It started the process but then said there was a problem. This is the first time I got this far though, so that's good.

Monday, November 10, 2008

17 Underground RR Station, Hull Farm

The online tutorial I would have for the library is about the Underground Railroad. National Geographic has a good site for this. There is a part of it where you make choices about escaping and you find out if you're further on the road to freedom or if you've been captured. The National Park Service has a lot of info too. On the library info site there would be maps of the routes the slaves took, the quilts that were used as signals, the songs with hidden messages and oral histories. There would be lots of pictures of people and houses on the routes and a forum where people could add their family stories. One section would list tours to the sights around the country. Teenagers and kids from the library would make utube videos telling about this time in history.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

16- google presentation

I tried to create a presentation with flickr pics but I couldn't download them onto it. (I need to learn the language of 2.0)

I did a presentation with my own pics. So instead of an in depth look at ancient libraries such as the library of Ephesus, we will look at several shots of my garden.