Wednesday, November 5, 2008

16- google presentation

I tried to create a presentation with flickr pics but I couldn't download them onto it. (I need to learn the language of 2.0)

I did a presentation with my own pics. So instead of an in depth look at ancient libraries such as the library of Ephesus, we will look at several shots of my garden.


Jennifer Koerber said...

Typically, you'd be creating a presentation much as you did (lovely hostas, by the by), using photos saved to your computer. You could download photos from your Flickr set onto your computer, and then upload them into a Google Presentation, but I don't think you can push directly from someone else's Flickr set into a presentation.

Excellent job on the Extra Mile, and congrats.

Carin said...

Ohhhh. I get it. I want to put together ancient libraries. Thanks