Monday, September 29, 2008

New Librarian

Today was the first day of our new ya librarian. This is her first full time job as a librarian. I showed her around and explained the database, lunch coverage, reference questions from teens who don't really know what the assignment is and online collection development. I skimmed over programming, making flyers, weeding and neighborhood organizations. I didn't get to snow storm closings, holiday schedules or students who want you to do their homework. What can you say about the 1001 judgement calls you make every day? I don't know about her but I'm exhausted.

Artists All

I went to the Open Artists Studios yesterday. As always I picture myself with a booth of my own, showing my work and having people tell me how wonderfully creative and gifted I am. I've never gotten to the point where I made enough jewelry or mounted enough photographs to try and be included in the event. I did teach a series of three jewelry classes at the library. I was very anxious about supplies. I wanted beads that reflected the topic of tribal jewelry. I went on Ebay and got good deals on African Jade, Tiger's Eye, Mother of Pearl and Coral. The three sessions were Hawaiian, African and I forget the third. The first class I put out the beads and they were grabbed up before I finished. The second class, I bagged the more expensive beads so each participant had a core collection to then add to. That went much better. I like that there is always someone in the class that knows more than I do and can show us all something.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


I found my Library Thing page. I started it in 2007 but gave it up shortly after. I can't remember my password to get back in.
I have my password now and am eager to see what everyone's reading for YA books.

Blog List

I'm trying to figure out how to make a Blog List. I should find a child. They know these things instinctively. I remember when I first tried skiing. I was moving horizontally, backand forth down the slope, out of fear. I saw something flash by and it was a child of about 5.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I found Tiger when she was very little. I was walking and she was across the street under a car. When I heard her meowing I looked over and she was looking right at me. I put her in the front of my jacket and brought her home. I asked around later but no one claimed her.

The Buck Stops Here

After becoming the branch librarian, it didn't take long for me to realise that I am the last stop. I make decisions on everything from deciding if a fine is to be waived to whether or not to open the lobby bathrooms. Do we go through someone's bag when they set the security alarm off? What if they're in a wheelchair? When a computer doesn't work do I call the help desk, someone in particular or just shut it off for a couple of minutes? When the LA's are bickering do I get involved or keep walking? When everyone puts in for vacation time do I schedule everyone off but then take mine first?