Monday, September 29, 2008

Artists All

I went to the Open Artists Studios yesterday. As always I picture myself with a booth of my own, showing my work and having people tell me how wonderfully creative and gifted I am. I've never gotten to the point where I made enough jewelry or mounted enough photographs to try and be included in the event. I did teach a series of three jewelry classes at the library. I was very anxious about supplies. I wanted beads that reflected the topic of tribal jewelry. I went on Ebay and got good deals on African Jade, Tiger's Eye, Mother of Pearl and Coral. The three sessions were Hawaiian, African and I forget the third. The first class I put out the beads and they were grabbed up before I finished. The second class, I bagged the more expensive beads so each participant had a core collection to then add to. That went much better. I like that there is always someone in the class that knows more than I do and can show us all something.

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Cheryl said...

If you're looking for websites for jewelry supplies I can recommend two. (free shipping and good prices) and someone else recommended aunties beads... I haven't checked the last site out yet. I don't have time anymore to make jewelry. I keep on saying I'll get back to it. Good luck with your creating. Also, you might try selling some of your things on Etsy. I have a cousin who just tried this recently and she was pleasantly surprised.