Sunday, November 23, 2008

E Books

I still prefer to hold a book in my hand. I looked at several of the sites listed and it's more enjoyable for me to walk to a shelf. I have this vision of everyone in their rooms at home glued to a screen. I think e books might work with students and their Summer Reading lists. There would be no running out of a title, or having to send for it from another library, or getting the last copy of a title and it's falling apart. The libraries would not have to keep reordering them each year once they are missing. We could save on shelf space when there are titles that don't go out. If you have a student that doesn't read anyway, would they be more likely to read it electronically?

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the zak said...

Our Boston Public Library resources need to be made available with more clear information about how to use these resources. Whether it's the book collections or the electronic resources, the wiki, the blogging, the templates available around the web offer BPLers opportunities to wax a bit on their observations about how to use BPL resources more effectively.

A guide to problematical library use for the e books would make ebooks even more available to BPLusers not having a lot of microsoft software for their computer setups. A guide to problematical library use could address shortcomings, slipups in the standard instructive information that didn't appear to be usable to some BPLusers.