Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Confused

I've read Thing 10 several times and I'm hitting the same brick wall. I don't have a cord for the scanner I bought on Ebay so all of my pictures are recent. If I get the scanner working, I would look up places I've been and add my pics. I could go to Google maps and look up Nantucket. That's one search that had lots of pictures with it.

So if I want to upload pics that I have, I am back on Yelp and the reviews. My confusion is that this is like a previous Thing. This time on Yelp I added photo's instead of a review. Boomerangs is a store in Jamaica Plain where you can find used furniture,clothes, shoes and stuff. I have found some great pieces. I've posted pics of three items. The carpet was only $30, the entry table was only $35 and the black table was $100.

O.K. I'm understanding Thing 10 better.

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Jennifer Koerber said...

Hey there. Thing 5 (reviews) was more about the reviews themselves, rather than the photos. Thing 10 illustrates how the ability to add photos to a review or mapping site adds so much value to the content that's there.

The Thing 10 activity was to write up a post on how the photos at Google Maps or a reviewing site might change how you feel about what you're looking up.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. Let me know, if you're still not sure.