Sunday, October 12, 2008

Biblical Archaeology Review

This is my site for Google reader. I love ancient history and archaeology and this magazine. I hardly ever buy it though because it's not carried in places I am close to in my day to day life. I had a subscription once but lately I'm lost in the details of my life so I was so excited when it came to me online. I love that it goes to previous months too. Aren't publishers losing money if people don't buy the magazines? Is that one of those questions everyone knows the answer to and I should too? Something about online advertising. The first article I'm going to read is, Ancient Assyrian Monastery Survives Modern War. Also there is a link to blogs of all active digs. O.K back to earth. I'm only finding small blurbs and not articles. Is that how these feeds work? I think I'll go out and buy the magazine.

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