Saturday, October 18, 2008


I created my calendar and put in my trip to Paris for lunch and my trip to Venice for whatever. In reality I was with Cleo in the emergency room of the MSPCA. Cleo is on the left. The vet thought she had cancer because she lost so much weight. I am leaving for a training, through work, tomorrow. This past week was spent learning Cleo has kidney failure and training with the tech person so I can give her I.V. fluids each day. "Do you have a problem with needles?" he asked. "No, not at all," I lied. Then another call from the vet to say she also has an infection. Back to Angell for the meds. I tried them in her food but it's too chancey that she won't eat it. I pry her mouth open and toss a half a pill in. Oh yeah and then there's the pill to make her have an appetite. Once she got her first fluid treatment she came home and headed for the food. She's doing well. I'm a mess. I thought I may have to immediately make the decision to put her to sleep. In between crying about that, I'd try to decide if I had to back out of this pre-paid training. I also kept doing the things I had to do to go to the training. I replaced broken eye glasses, bought travel sized bottles and toothpaste and such. Wondered what clothes to bring and what to leave. I even had to buy a carry-on bag for the flight. Tried to get some house cleaning in so I won't look like too much of a slob to the people feeding the cats. I found someone to come in and give Cleo her fluids. She came today and did a much better job than I've been doing. So the training is all week. I was concerned because I have a hard time sitting still in a classroom environment. But now, after this past week, training will be a breeze.

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Jennifer Koerber said...

Stepping out of the Coach role for a second, I hope that Cleo responds magnificently to the meds and bounces back. Fortunately, this is a manageable thing and you're taking all the right steps. Be well, and remember to breathe.

Also, I hope the training is all you need it to be. Let us know how it went, eh?