Sunday, December 21, 2008

Essential Services

Our library was open Friday, Dec. 19, 08 but we closed at 3p.m. I had a pretty bad skid out on my way home. The snow started and got bad very quickly. Yesterday I was very surprised that we were to open. We all made it in though. I walked down to the main street but saw no buses. So I shovelled out and drove in. It took me 25 minutes to park the car at work becaue the police cars, from next door to the library, were blocking our spots. One big officer grumbled I was going to get stuck up in my spot anyway, as he moved his car. Today is Sunday and I don't have to go anywhere. I can cook and watch movies and get online. Since the snow hasn't even slowed down I wonder about tomorrow. I live on the inside of a dead end street. The plow comes down and pushes the snow to my car. I don't think anything is going to move tomorrow.

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